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For those who want to travel to Japan, seeing the land of the rising sun and expecting the unexpected, a visitor visa is a must. Many countries and territories are free to stay for a certain duration without a visa but for an extended stay, such as for vacation and work purposes, it is necessary to produce evidence of a legal visa to the authorities.

Fortunately, obtaining a Japan visa is easier than you think, especially if guided by a reliable travel agency providing comprehensive services for visa acquisition. Besides this, they can provide assistance in planning a perfect itinerary including information regarding ticket booking, travel insurance, attractions, among others.

But how can one find the right travel agency for obtaining a Japan visa near them? With an increasing number of foreign travelers visiting Japan, the former has become a hotspot for visa processing companies and finding the right one can be tricky. As with any service, the key is to read reviews, find one who specializes in Japan visas, and look into the services they offer.

Although some people choose to go ahead with an agency located in a different city than theirs, they need to consider the amount of time along with the commuting cost involved, depending on the requirements and rules already set by the agency.

It is best to get recommendation from friends, family or work colleagues, who have recently visited Japan through a reputable travel agency and may be able to provide vital information and assist you with an informed choice. Moreover, it’s always safer to make a comparison between different visa service providers, and how much they are charging in return for their services.

A good agent must ensure that your paperwork is complete and in order, on time, and there are no errors in the application. It’s also necessary to check for any additional documents and formalities that can help in the application. Although the visa fee is to be paid directly to the embassy, but an agent should help you in knowing what all costs are involved in the application process so that you don’t get taken by surprise.

For your peace of mind, an experienced and licensed travel agency can save you the stress of waiting in long lines at the embassy and eventually reduce the chances of your application being rejected due to invalid paperwork. As they are competent with the legal procedure involved in visa application, they guarantee no last minute surprises with additional paperwork or delay in paperwork.

What Documents are Required?

Each document required for application has specific details associated with it, and there are different requirements for various types of visa categories. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents such as valid passport, photographs, bank statement illustrating sufficient funds to finance your trip, travel itinerary, flight booking, hotel reservation etc. further, in case of visit for work, a letter of invitation from the company is required.

It is always advisable to read the instructions of Japan embassy thoroughly before applying for the visa, and see what additional documents are needed to complete the application.

Paying a Fee for Visa Process

In general, a visa application can cost anywhere between USD 30 to USD 160, depending upon the type of visa, however, it’s always best to check with your agent for the exact pricing.

Depending on the embassy regulations and individual specifications, agents, usually, charge a nominal fee for their services as they need to prepare, submit and follow up the application. They provide professional advice and assistance on your visa application when needed, as well as correctly filling out the visa forms before submission to the relevant embassy or consulate.

To conclude, selecting a travel agency which specializes in Japan visa application is essential for a successful and hassle free experience. While it is always possible to apply for a visa on your own, visa processing can be time consuming and strenuous, and can later cost you more money if an application is not made correctly.

Approval & Processing Time

The amount of time taken for approval of visa is largely determined by the embassy’s internal policies along with the accuracy of documents which you have submitted. It usually ranges from a few days to a few weeks. An agent can suggest the minimum time needed to complete the visa application process.

The default process of the visa can take two to three weeks, and if the application is made with an agency, it could take less time. But visa approval and duration is subject to Japan embassy’s policies, as well as, the kind of visa applied. A travel agency can provide all the relevant information to make an informed decision.

Visa Conditions

If you are granted a visa, be sure to read all the conditions associated with it carefully. You must meet all the requirements set by the embassy for the duration of your stay in Japan. If guidelines are not followed, it can have a negative impact on all of your future visa applications.

Failure to provide false information on the application form or usage of a forged document can instantly deny an application. All documents submitted to the embassy should be original or certified copies. An agent can provide information and advice about any changes which may be necessary for the application as embassy inform applicants of even minor-details.

Enquiry Process

To save on time and money, its important to take necessary precaution in the whole process. Based upon the individual requirements, a travel agency has to be contacted to check on important information regarding the visa application. They will guide you in the right direction and on valid documents you need to bring in for the process.

Agencies are familiar with requirements of the embassies and can provide important advice and accuracy of documents that can help you save time waiting in long lines and get the visa quickly. It’s best to trust the advice of experts rather than trying to navigate the process alone.

Accreditation & Recognition

Check whether the agency you are selecting is accredited, by the respective embassy. Most agencies today are certified in different areas and should have valid accreditation from the authorities. Make sure that the agency has in-depth knowledge about the Japan visa application protocol and familiar with terms and conditions about visa requirements.

And lastly, look for a proper complaint mechanism for any concerns or grievances you have with the services offered. Professional and experienced travel agencies advertise their services, thus it’s best to check a few online sites for a better understanding about the companies.

Information on the Visa Application

A travel agent should provide information about what kind of visa application form is to be filled, what type of passport photos should you bring along and what kind of documents are needed to be prepared. Different visa applications have different levels of requirements and the agent should know everything inside out.

Most agents print a checklist for the visa application on their website to highlight all the documents which you need to submit for the application. As updating the Japanese embassy’s regulations is a significant part of their business, they it is imperative that they know the most up to date information.

Online Services

On their website, a travel agency should have clear information about services offered for visa application. Moreover, it should have information regarding the possible cost and quote for the services requested, as well as timeframe for processing the visa. Most agencies today offer a variety of services, ranging from compiling all the paperwork and providing legal advice.

Apart from the above mentioned services, for your convenience, most travel agencies also allow you to apply online for a Japan visa. The process is quite simple and can be completed in a few clicks. Any additional documents or information can be submitted via email to the respective travel agency and they will make sure that the application is complete and submitted to the appropriate authorities.


Choosing the right travel agency for procuring a Japan visa is the first step for making your trip a memorable one. If you are looking for a reliable travel agency in the vicinity, ensure that they have the necessary expertise in applying for Japan visas and is recognised by the relevant authorities. Going for an experienced agency is no guarantee for a successful visa application. However, they will definitely increase your chances of getting the visa approved.

Expert Advice

Before selecting an agency, find out the financial commitments required for the services they provide, and read online reviews to check customer’s experience and look for any red flags. It’s also important that they have a good working relationship with the embassy, so that if and when necessary they can contact the latter for relevant information.

In order to avoid any delays in the visa processing, one should always provide accurate and all necessary information needed for the form. It’s best not to be over reliant on the agents but at the same time trust their advice as and when needed.

Regular Updation of Information

It is crucial for a reliable travel agency to regularly update their information across online channels, to inform the applicant promptly of any changes that may have occurred in the legal procedure at the embassy. Easily accessible channels such as websites and social media platforms make it easier to stay in touch with the agency.

Most agencies also have a dedicated customer service team that is accessible online or by a toll-free number. It is important to choose an agency whose customer service team is friendly, patient and responsive as they could be your main source of support throughout the visa process.

Communication & Support

If your visa application requires a personal interview at the embassy, a reliable agent should be available to provide

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