Things To Know Before Traveling To Japan

Japan is one of those countries that every traveler should visit at least once in their lifetime. Everywhere you look there is something new and exciting, and the culture you find throughout the country is incredibly unique and worth experiencing. If you’ve planned a trip to Japan, here’s what you need to know before you go.

Firstly, it’s important to note the change in culture. Japan is a very polite and respectful country, so it’s important to follow certain cultural expectations. Before visiting Japan it’s a good idea to do some research on etiquette, so you’re not caught unawares when it comes to basic manners. Taking your shoes off when entering a home, for example, is a very common custom in Japan.

The food culture also deserves special mention. Japan has one of the most varied and exciting cuisines in the world. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sushi or tempura dish, or just strolling through food stalls, there is something for everyone in Japan. Be sure to bring an open mind and an adventurous spirit, as you’ll discover flavors and dishes you never expected.

You’ll also find yourself in awe of the technology available in Japan. The country is a world leader in tech, so be prepared to find some of the coolest gadgets and contraptions you’ve ever seen. From high-tech robots to vending machines that sell all manner of items, the tech on display in Japan is truly second-to-none.

It’s a good idea to note that many places in Japan are cash only, so having enough cash on hand is helpful. Credit cards are also becoming increasingly accepted, so make sure you find out what your options are beforehand. There are also mobile payment apps like PayPay and LINE Pay that you can use, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of cash around.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a few essentials for your trip. One of the most important items is sunscreen, as Japan can get quite hot and sunny during the summer. You’ll also want to make sure you bring a power bank for your phone, as you’ll find plenty of electronic devices to use and charge.

Planning the Perfect Itinerary

When it comes to planning the perfect itinerary for your trip to Japan, there are so many places to see and things to do. Don’t limit yourself to Tokyo – there are stunning places throughout the country, such as the ancient city of Kyoto and the beaches of Okinawa. A good rule-of-thumb is to try and combine a few of the cities, such as Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as some nature spots in between.

When it comes to getting around, Japan has an incredible transportation network that’s both modern and efficient. The best way to get around is by train, which is fast, affordable, and widely-available. Other options include buses and domestic flights, which are also reasonably-priced and reliable.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, book your flights ahead of time and be flexible with your dates and times. You can also save a bit of money by booking accommodation outside of the city center and using public transportation instead of taxis or private drivers.

Finally, don’t forget to budget for attractions during your trip. Japan has a wide range of attractions to explore, from temples and shrines to modern theme parks and cultural experiences. It’s always a good idea to purchase a Japan Rail Pass if you plan on taking a lot of trains during your trip, as it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Exploring Japan’s Hidden Gems

Japan is home to a huge number of hidden gems and secret spots that not many people know about. From tiny traditional villages to luxurious onsen bathhouses, Japan has something for everyone. There’s even a hidden taco stand in Tokyo that’s only open at night – so be sure to look around and discover the wonders of Japan!

If you’re looking for a more traditional experience, head to the countryside and explore the hidden gems of Japan. The countryside is dotted with charming villages, where locals still maintain traditions and customs that have been around for hundreds of years. You can find old castles, hidden temples, and delicious restaurants. There’s plenty to explore, and you’ll be able to experience the real essence of Japan.

Another great way to experience Japan is to try unusual activities, such as sumo wrestling or sake tasting. You can also find unique shopping experiences throughout the country, from bustling night markets to small boutiques that specialize in handcrafted goods. Whatever your interests, Japan is sure to have something to pique your curiosity.

Finally, don’t forget to take some time to just enjoy and relax. Japan is home to many luxurious onsen bathhouses, as well as countless traditional Japanese inns where you can spend the night and truly immerse yourself in local culture. There’s also plenty of opportunities to relax and have a good time – from enjoying a karaoke night to simply strolling through a peaceful Japanese garden.

Must-Visit Locations

When planning your trip to Japan, it’s important to make sure you visit some of the most iconic locations in the country. Tokyo, for example, is home to many attractions such as Mt. Fuji, the Tsukiji Fish Market, and the legendary Shibuya crossing.

The ancient city of Kyoto is also a must-visit location, as it’s home to many centuries-old temples, shrines, and luxury gardens. Be sure to explore the city and discover hidden gems like the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the bamboo forests of Arashiyama.

If you’re interested in nature, then make sure you visit one of Japan’s many national parks. From the lush greenery of the northern island of Hokkaido to the rugged coastline of the south, Japan is home to some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes in the world.

Finally, don’t forget to visit some of the smaller towns and villages scattered throughout the country. These places are often full of hidden charms and secrets – from picturesque fishing villages to remote mountain monasteries. Wherever you visit, Japan is sure to have something that will surprise and delight.

Accommodation in Japan

Accommodation in Japan can range from luxurious five-star hotels to quaint local guesthouses. It’s important to do your research and decide what type of accommodation you’re looking for before you arrive. Prices can vary depending on location and type of accommodation, but there are plenty of affordable options available.

Many travelers opt for staying in a traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan. These are often located in remote parts of the country and offer an authentic experience, with onsen baths and traditional Japanese cuisine. Ryokan can be a bit expensive, but it’s well worth the money if you want to experience something truly unique.

If you’re traveling on a budget, consider staying in a hostel or capsule hotel. These are often clean and provide all the basic comforts you’ll need for your stay. There are also plenty of Airbnb options all over Japan, which are often much more affordable than hotels. Wherever you decide to stay, Japan will have something that suits your needs and budget.

Experiencing Local Culture

One of the best parts about visiting Japan is experiencing the unique culture the country has to offer. Whether you’re visiting a temple or museum, or simply strolling through the streets, be sure to take in the sights and sounds of Japan.

If you want to learn more about Japanese culture, consider attending a local event or festival. During these festivals, you’ll find traditional performances, crafts, and food. It’s a great way to get an up-close look at Japanese customs and culture.

Another great way to experience Japanese culture is to participate in a homestay program. These programs allow you to stay with a local family and experience daily life in Japan. It’s an excellent way to make connections with locals and learn more about the country and its people.

Finally, don’t forget to take some time to learn about the language. Japanese isn’t an easy language to learn, but even a basic knowledge can go a long way. Being able to read signs, order food, or make simple conversations in the local language will open up many doors and make your trip to Japan much more enjoyable.

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Margarita M. Nelson is a Japan-based writer and researcher. She has written extensively on the culture, history, and current events of Japan for various publications. She holds an MA in Asian Studies from the University of Tokyo, and is currently writing a book on the history of the Ainu people of northern Japan.

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