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Overview of Japan

Japan is an East Asian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of mainland China and South Korea. Spanning over 377,835 square kilometers, its terrain is characterized by mountains, rivers, beaches, and large cities. Japan is home to various cultural landmarks and is a hot spot for travelers all around the world. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country is the ancient city of Kyoto, which has well preserved architecture and spiritual attractions. There are plenty of incredible cities to explore for those interested in taking adventuring through historic sites and experiencing traditional Japanese culture. Nature lovers should not miss Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, which offers stunning landscapes and outdoor activities.

Intrepid Travel Family Japan Overview

Intrepid Travel Family Japan offers an itinerary plan for parents with children aged 5 or more. This plan includes 7 days in Japan, during which parents and children will have the chance to explore the country like never before. The plan takes you through the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara, some of the most beautiful and historically significant places in Japan. On the first day of the program, your family will be welcomed with a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which will give everyone an insight into the local culture. Following that, you will take in unique sights of Tokyo with a pleasant stroll around the city. During the tour, you will be exposed to authentic Japanese cuisine, unique architecture, and futuristic city sights.

In Kyoto, you will have a chance to delve into Japan’s history by visiting some of its most important temples and shrines. This includes the awe inspiring Kiyomizu-dera temple, the impressive Rokuon-ji temple, and the beautiful Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine. At each temple, you will learn the history behind these impressive structures and enjoy the surrounding scenery. During your time in Kyoto, you and your family will also immerse yourselves in the traditional customs of Japanese teahouses and geishas.

At Nara, you will have the opportunity to observe deer, some of which are said to be sacred, in Nara Park. You will also get to explore Todaji Temple and gain a better understanding of Japanese Buddhism. You will then move on to Osaka, where one of your most memorable adventures will be visiting Universal Studios Japan, the largest theme park in the country, to see and enjoy your favorite movies come to life. During your stay in Osaka, you will also be treated to visits to the vibrant Dotonbori market, a major tourist hotspot in the city.

Why Intrepid Travel for Families in Japan?

Intrepid Travel’s unique itineraries for families provide a balance of exciting city visits, cultural immersion, and outdoor activities. Their expert tour guides are passionate about introducing families to the country’s customs and culture, as well as its natural beauty. All of their tour itineraries are specially designed to create unforgettable experiences for all members of the family. Intrepid Travel takes the hassle out of planning a trip, from organizing activities to making sure that all dietary needs are taken care of. Moreover, their staff makes sure to create a stress-free environment for all family members.

What Intrepid Travel Families Can Expect to See

The 7-day Intrepid Travel itinerary offers an amazing introduction to Japanese culture for the whole family. Your guests will get to visit traditional gardens, temples, a pottery village, and many other cultural sites. At Tokyo, you will be taken to Asakusa, one of the oldest districts in the city, and get to appreciate the traditional aspects of Japanese culture amid the modern cityscape. They will also experience the modern and vibrant aspects of Tokyo, from visiting the tallest building in Japan (Tokyo Skytree) to the quirky and trendy neighborhoods of Harajuku and Yoyogi Park. At Kyoto, you’ll get to visit museums and take a stroll through the Gion geisha district. During your stay in Osaka, you and your family will be able to explore the popular landmarks of the city such as Osaka Castle and the vibrant roadside of Kuromon Market.

Cost of Intrepid Travel Family Japan

The cost of the 7-day Intrepid Travel Family Japan itinerary varies according to the number of people in your party and the type of accommodation you choose. Prices start from $3,490 per person and the company offers flexible payment plans to make your dream vacay come true!

Travel Tips for Families in Japan

Japan is a country that has a very different culture from our own. So, it is important to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safe and comfortable journey of your family. Before departing, research the different areas of Japan you plan on visiting, as well as their most common safety measures. Make sure your family packs the appropriate items, such as comfortable shoes, raincoats, some light jackets, and sunscreen. It is also great idea to have a few Japanese phrases in your back pocket, as English is not widely spoken in this country.

When you’re travelling with kids, it is always important to plan some fun activities that will keep them engaged and entertained throughout the journey. In such cases, Intrepid Travel provides an exciting range of activities tailored to families, for all ages. These activities include fun hands-on crafts, visiting temples and shrines, and various excursions.

Health and Safety Considerations

During your stay in Japan, ensure that you always follow the local guidelines and directives regarding physical distancing, regular handwashing, and wearing face masks. Additionally, do your research on the local medical facilities so that you are aware of where to seek help in the case of an emergency. Although Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, it is recommended that you stay together as a group and be alert while on the streets, especially in major urban centers.

City Highlights for Families in Japan

At Tokyo, your family will be able to explore the popular attractions the city has to offer, such as the Tokyo Tower, Ueno Park, and the Imperial Palace. Furthermore, you can hop onto the Yurikamome monorail line, which takes you to the artificial island of Odaiba, where you can visit the National Museum and even have a picnic on the beach. At Kyoto, you will get to experience the famous bamboo forests of Arashiyama and visit the traditional Gion district, where you will find the captivating culture of the geishas. Osaka is known for its nightlife and its lively outdoor markets. Your family can also take a day trip to Osaka Castle to learn about its incredibly rich history.

Unique Experiences for Families in Japan

The Intrepid Travel Family Japan itinerary offers an opportunity for families to have an unbelievably unique experience in this amazing country. During their time in Japan, your family can participate in traditional activities such as pottery making, calligraphy, or an ancient martial art like Aikido. At Tokyo, you have the chance to try out some super-cool activities like visiting an anime museum, a Ninja-house, or a Robot Restaurant. Your kids will also be able to experience some of the more unusual aspects of Japanese culture, such as Japanese game shows and a cat cafe.

Souvenir Shopping for Families in Japan

No family vacation would be complete without some souvenir shopping! At Tokyo, you can pick up some super-cute items from the endless shops at Akihabara, the anime and gaming paradise. From plush toys to anime memorabilia, this place has got it all. At Kyoto, you can head to the Nishiki Market to shop for a variety of souvenirs, from traditional kimono fabric and pottery to sweets and snacks. As for Osaka, the perfect place to look for souvenirs is the local flea market, where you can find used books, junky trinkets, and many other unique goodies.

Japanese Cuisine for Families in Japan

Japan is home to some of the world’s most exquisite dishes, which your family will get to experience during your stay. You can start your mornings with an array of savory and sweet pastries that are available at the local bakeries. Don’t forget to sample some sushi, ramen, and tempura while in the country. Your family can also enjoy the flavors of Japan on their own terms by shopping for produce, meats, and seafood at the local markets. Japan is also home to some of the world’s best sake, so don’t forget to stop by a local brewery for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Tour Guides for Families in Japan

Intrepid Travel’s expert tour guides provide an unforgettable experience of Japan for the entire family. Their experienced guides are knowledgeable about the country’s culture and sensitive to the needs of each family member. During the tour, your guide will share with you details about the culture and history of Japan as well as valuable insights and opinions. They will also arrange any additional activities and excursions specific to the needs and interests of your family.

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