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With its lush green mountains, snow-capped peaks, and hot springs, Japan is a paradise for travelers looking to be mesmerised by its beauty. There is no better way to take in the scenery than on Instagram, so here is a list of the best Japan travel Instagram accounts to follow:

The first one is Tokyo_OnTRAVEL. This account offers stunning shots of Japanese monuments, including the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Imperial Palace. These photographs highlight the blend of old and new that defines Tokyo. Tokyo_OnTRAVEL also highlight lesser known neighbourhoods across the city, including Nakano and Ueno. For those interested in travel tips and recommendations for Tokyo, their account is a great resource.

Next up is Yuki_Travels_Japan. Yuki’s account offers a mix of travel photography shots in cities, such as Sakata, and villages, such as Shirakawago. They are also known for their captivating photos of wildlife, including birds and frogs, making the Japanese countryside come alive. Yuki offers extensive captions in both English and Japanese, which will surely please any traveller.

JapanPhotoJunkie is another great account to follow. Unlike many other accounts, this one is updated more often, making it the ideal choice for those who want to stay up to date with the latest from Japan. JapanPhotoJunkie is great for discovering lesser known locations all around Japan, and each photograph is accompanied by a detailed caption.

Lastly,TravelHappyJapan offers vivid and colourful shots of some of the country’s most popular tourist spots. From the bright red buildings of Asakusa to the deep blue of the beaches Fujisawa, the account offers a fantastic way to get to know the vibrant side of Japanese culture. TravelHappyJapan also provides useful information for those visiting Japan, from bus routes to shrine opening times.


From summer festivals to winter fireworks, Japan has an amazing array of colourful events to explore. Some of the best Instagram accounts for festivals are fest_of_japan and onegame_japan. Fest_of_japan posts photography of various Japanese festivals, including pictures of the yukata at Nagaoka Fireworks Festival and the bright lights of Kobe Luminarie. On the other hand, Onegame_japan is the place to be for all sport fanatics, and posts feature everything from sumo wrestling to Japanese baseball.

What makes these accounts unique is their ability to capture traditional Japanese culture in a modern setting. Take Asagaya Tanabata for example: It captures the beautiful tradition of Tanabata, which takes place during the Star Festival, with photos of its beautiful decorated streets. For a more contemporary take, follow SapporoSnowFestival, which boasts pictures of Japan’s biggest winter celebration where snow is used to construct sculptures of popular characters and buildings.


Food in Japan is as much an experience as it is a meal, and these two accounts do an excellent job of capturing it. The first is FoodJapan_, which highlights the the bewildering range of dishes that can be found in the country. From casual vending machine meals to Michelin-starred restaurants, the account has a great selection for all types of foodies.

Another great account to follow is ramen_days_jp, which showcases the many varieties of ramen available in Japan. From the savoury shio ramen to the slightly sweet shio-tonkotsu, this account is an excellent resource for learning about the different types of flavour combinations and noodle textures found in Japanese ramen.


No trip to Japan is complete without exploring its stunning nature. Thankfully, there are plenty of great accounts to follow to help with this. The first is hiking_japan, which showcases adventure trips across the country and provides advice for those interested in similar experiences. This account is great for picking up tips on the best places to see, such as the ancient cedars of Yakushima or the sacred waterfall of Kegon no Taki.

For a more leisurely way to admire Japan’s nature, follow JapanNatureTravel, which posts photographs of breathtaking sights like forests, deserts and sparkling lakes. This account also offers travel recommendations, such as the Okutama loop and the Shiregasaki onsen experience.

Lastly,WonderfulJapan is another excellent resource for discovering the beauty of Japan’s nature, showcasing landscapes from the picturesque northern islands of Hokkaido to the sun-kissed beaches of Okinawa. The account is also great for picking up tips on lesser known locations as their posts often include local attractions and hidden hotspots.


Japan’s culture is as unique and varied as its landscapes. Perhaps one of the best accounts for exploring Japan’s culture is OtomoMamatto, which offers an insight into the Japanese way of life. From a glimpse of life in busy Tokyo to rural mountain towns, the account offers a range of fascinating photos and captions.

If you are looking to learn more about traditional Japanese culture, then the best account to follow is JapanTradition. It offers high quality photographs of cultural highlights, such as traditional costumes and ceremonies. This account also features interviews with experts on various topics, such as pottery, tea ceremonies and Japanese cuisine.

Lastly,Japan_Live is a great account for getting a glimpse of some of Japan’s unique and interesting cultural customs and activities. This account posts videos and photos of festivals, traditional customs, and unique festivals like the Oiwake Festival and the Miharu Festival.


Last but not least, Japan is well known for its amazing range of entertainment options. For those wanting to experience the bright lights of Tokyo, follow must_tokyo, which offers up-to-date information on the latest events and attractions in the city. This account also includes helpful tips and recommendations for those visiting Tokyo.

If you are looking to get a better understanding of Japan’s pop culture, then follow SuperJapan_jp, which is filled with posts about some of the country’s trendiest topics, from anime to fashion. This account also showcases fascinating behind-the-scenes look at some of Japan’s most popular television shows, making it perfect for those interested in learning more about the country’s culture.

Lastly,animeinjapan is the perfect account for all anime fans. This account provides an entertaining and informative look into the world of Japanese animation. Posts include everything from production sketches to a peek at the latest anime merchandise.

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